Ancient future worship is about rooting our worship as the early church did–in God’s story–so we embody not our culture but God’s mission. These short videos will introduce you to how we worship. They were produced by Sojourn Church in Vancouver B.C. an affiliated church through the Anglican Network in Canada.

Worthily Magnify Video Series

We sit, stand, read, confess and pray together. We realize that for many people much of this is unfamiliar. For that very reason, we decided to put together a series of short videos to help explain some of the history, symbolism, and theology behind our liturgical worship. Most of the videos are around 4-6 minutes long and they cover various topics related to liturgy. It is our hope that the information shared in these videos will be both informative and life-giving.

You might be sceptical about liturgical worship. You might just be curious. Perhaps you have had a bad experience with liturgy or maybe you don’t even know what we mean when we use the word “liturgy.” Maybe liturgical worship is absolutely your favourite thing in the world. Whatever comes to mind when you hear the word “liturgy,” these videos are for you. (Sojourn Church: used with permission)

  • +Session: More Than the Everyday

  • +Session: Liturgy Basics

  • +Session: What To Expect in a 'Liturgical' Service

  • +Session: The Nicene Creed

  • +Session: The Meaning of Holy Communion

  • +Session: The practice of Communion