Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; not for shameful gain, but eagerly; not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock.

1 Peter 5:2-3


Rev. Alvan Lewis – Priest

The Rev. Alvan Lewis was born and raised in Atlantic Canada, where he started preaching at 14. He moved to Winnipeg to take his theological training at what is now known as Ambrose University. There he met and married Muriel.

Alvan has pastored seven churches in various denominations.

The Rector’s Warden is appointed to the position by the Rector and works alongside the People’s Warden to carry out the directions of the Anglican Network in Canada and the Resurrection Anglican Church Parish Council. Alvan’s primary duty is to assist and support Terry, other clergy, staff, and the congregation in the general business and programs of the parish.

Why did I become an Anglican?

It is a mystery of God’s grace how I became an Anglican priest, mainly because it didn’t happen until I was in my seventies. Of course, my best friend in High School became an Anglican priest, and my roommate at university became an Anglican priest. Then there is the fact that I was in an Anglican Cathedral when God chose to fill me with his Holy Spirit. Whenever Muriel and I were on holiday, we would seek out an Anglican Church in which to worship, but when we retired to Kelowna in 2009, becoming an Anglican priest was the farthest thing from my mind. Yet, when I entered Resurrection Anglican for the first time in the fall of 2013, I felt that I had found my spiritual home. Within a year, I had the bishop’s blessing to seek Holy Orders. And after that, my ordination to the diaconate and later the priesthood. I thank God for this historic, orthodox, Christ-centered setting in which to serve Him until He comes or calls me home.


Rev. Ken Light – Priest

The Rev. Ken Light (SHC) was born in Victoria, BC, into a Canadian Armed Forces family and was raised across Canada. He did short-term missions work in the United States and Latin America and then attended university to study Computer Science. He met and married Susan in 1985, and they have five children. Ken has worked for nearly a decade as an information technology specialist in the oil industry in the Middle East and then for fourteen years in the medical sector in Canada. He has Master’s degrees from Trinity Western University (MACS)  and Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto (MA in Theological Studies).

Since becoming a Christian, I have been involved in several different church traditions before settling in the Anglican fold. I began attending a local Anglican church and was struck by the beauty of the combination of scripture, ancient tradition and community worship using the book of Common Prayer.  I was ordained to the priesthood in 2016.  My interests are teaching and spiritual formation.


Rev. Jonathan Wiebe – Deacon




Rev. Penny Dennert – Deacon





The Ven. Bruce Chamberlayne – Archdeacon Emeritus

Bruce was ordained priest in 1981 in the Anglican Church of Canada. He served in three parishes in the Diocese of Cariboo and one parish in the Diocese of Kootenay before joining the Anglican Network in Canada in 2011. Bruce trained as a Specialist in Clinical Pastoral Education and worked as Director of Pastoral Care for BC’s Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, the Cancer Center for the Southern Interior, and Chaplain at Sun Pointe Village senior’s care home in Kelowna, BC. He also worked for seven years in the B.C. Coroners Service, first as a Community Coroner in Kelowna and then as the B.C. Interior Regional Manager.

In 2011 Bruce felt called to plant a biblically faithful Anglican Church in Kelowna. He is passionate about sharing the Gospel and the transforming love of Jesus Christ with others, and making disciples who can themselves confidently share their faith. Bruce and Linda were married in 1978, have 2 married daughters, and 4 grandchildren. Bruce loves boating, fishing, camping, music, and hiking.

Mark Tromsness – Worship Leader

Why I became an Anglican
During my formative years in Evangelical settings, the gospel was often presented as mental assent to propositions of ultimate truth. In other words, if I believe the right things in my head about God, I go to heaven when I die and avoid hell (eternal conscious torment). Eventually, the idea of correctly arranging abstract theological furniture as the anchor of my salvation became equal parts exhausting and abhorrent. I started to “deconstruct” (a popular term for questioning one’s faith). Some would call it “backsliding.” Whether deconstruction or backsliding, it allowed me to meet Jesus viscerally and tangibly as I wrestled with many things. I began to feverishly devour any theological teaching, podcast, or literature that presented the Gospel as “good news” – that the Kingdom of Christ is at hand and that “heaven” is anywhere the reign of God is unopposed (including my own heart). At the same time, as a worship leader, I found myself burning out with onerous time commitments in a high-pressure, performance-driven environment. My soul was craving rest. I discovered an invitation within the historical church traditions into a contemplative and liturgical form of worship that starkly contrasted with the confessional and dogmatic one I was used to. As I participated in a service at Resurrection Anglican, I found a sense of peace come over me as we gathered to celebrate the Eucharist. Although Christ is present and active within any group that professes His name, I currently find beauty and solace in the Anglican tradition.

Shandra Wiebe – Parish Administrator